1.Dosh earning App
get money now You can bind your debit card or credit card to this app, and you can get cash back when you spend with these cards. When we book some of the hotels that we have cooperated with, using Dosh can bring us up to 40% cash back, and for every successful recommendation, a user will get a cash reward of $5.

2.Swagbucks earning App
We can do some tasks on this app, such as watching videos, get money now participating in surveys, sharing some product experience, etc. to earn points. When the points reach a certain number, we can redeem gift cards or cash on shopping websites.

3.Acorns earning App
get money now This platform will help you accumulate some of the change generated by your daily shopping consumption, and then help you invest in some funds. It can use your usual consumption to invest some of your change into the fund. This platform will also help you manage your change, so that you will have a lot of passive income.

1. Sweat coins earning App

get money now Encourage people to go out and walk more. The number of steps you walk out will be converted into coins at this time. When you get to a certain point, you can redeem some rewards, such as Axon’s gift card, which can also be exchanged into paypal cash. You can also redeem goods or services in their mall.

2. Receiving pig earning App
 get money now You can take photos of your purchases and upload them to this app, and you can have some coins. When your coins appear to a certain time, you can exchange them for cash on paypal. You can also complete some of the tasks above them or the questionnaires they participated in, and you will get some rewards.